Neon Yolk is a contemporary sprinkle mix company based out of Austin, TX. My husband and I are huge baking enthusiasts and have been trying our hand at everything from French macaroons to drip cakes over the last 10 years. The name Neon Yolk came to us after seeing how beautiful yolks from fresh farm eggs we used in our baking were. They were so bright yellow they were almost…neon! 

Sprinkles have a special place in my heart because they make all desserts more fun and like shoes: you can never have enough! We decided to start this business after my own sprinkle shelf grew out of control and I found myself still needing a little of this or that. I decided we could help people avoid the same situation by not only putting together our own sprinkle mixes but by also offering a custom sprinkle mix service as well! Whatever your event is we can help you create edible decorations that will make your treats extra special! 

Rosie Pierce, Sprinkle Chief Operator

I’m a wifey, mommy of 2 boys, a lover of baking any desserts you can throw sprinkles on and trashy reality tv.

Joseph Pierce, Packaging Guru


Our logo and all images are designed by the incredibly talented Nichelle Reyes. 

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