Are your mixes gluten free? Nut free?

Mixes with metallic dragees are not gluten free but everything else is.  

None of our items contain nuts however some items are manufactured in facilities that do process nuts. We have been advised that the items are sealed in a separate facility but there is always the possibility of cross contamination.

How long will my sprinkles remain fresh?

Sprinkles are good for up to 1 year or longer if kept out of sunlight.

When will my items ship?

All items are shipped as soon as possible. The time frame is usually within 2 - 4 days depending on volume. Please note these time frames will be extended during peak times like Holidays.

The wrong address is on my order, Help!

AHHHH! Mistakes happen. Please contact us as soon as you can at hello@neonyolk.com

We are unable to be responsible for packages going to the incorrect address if we are not contacted prior to the items being mailed out.

Can I get my order by X day?

We try our hardest to get packages out as soon as possible. Unfortunately I have no control over USPS (I wish!) so please keep in mind the standard 3 - 5 business days for shipping. If you're concerned about an item getting there by a certain date please shoot me a message before placing your order so we can talk about it :)

Can I return my sprinkles?

Unfortunately due to health and safety reasons edible products are not eligible for a return.

Are Dragees Edible?

Metallic dragées contain silver color classified as edible in Canada, Europe and most other countries, but not yet approved by the FDA in the US. My dragees are imported from Canada where they are fully approved for consumption.

What is the texture of your items?

Our Sprinkle Mixes are a mixture of different textures that range from soft (jimmies, chocolate pearls) to hard candy items (candy beads, rock candy). The hard candy items will soften after being placed on buttercream or baked but can pose a hazard for very young children ( < 1 ) so please use supervision.